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Arvig Offers On-Demand Streaming Game Service January 2, 2018

Arvig Offers On-Demand Streaming Game Service

Jump, an App-based service, brings unlimited access to games on your PC

Written by Arvig in Home Travel & Leisure

Independent video game developers have a new online platform to deliver and showcase their creations—and Arvig is offering the service to internet customers.

Are you ready, gamers? It’s called Jump.

Jump is an app- and browser-based on-demand streaming game service for your PC. It operates on a platform similar to other streaming services such as Netflix. Through the Jump app, users select titles on the interactive menu, click play and the game downloads and launches in about a minute. Users get unlimited access to more than 75 titles, with six to 10 new games added monthly.

Jump gives gamers the chance to discover and play titles you won’t find on mainstream services or get from the big developers. You don’t need an expensive gaming computer with a high-end graphics card, and you won’t have to spend $60 per game.

Starting in January, Arvig will offer the service for $9 per month, $50 for 6 months or $100 for the year.

Jump uses technology designed to avoid the latency and quality issues commonly seen in game streaming. There is no installing or uninstalling required, as each game streams through the app. Games are not permanently downloaded, so you don’t have to worry about storage space. Most games can be played with just a keyboard, but Xbox controllers are also supported.

Jump has a variety of award-winning titles in its highly-curated library, from action and adventure to RPGs, shooters and puzzle games. There are single player games and online multiplayers to choose from.

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