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Powerful becomes possible with fiber internet from Arvig.

This is broadband at its best. Fiber internet service is delivered through fiber optic cables packed with glass or plastic strands that transmit data in the form of modulated light. Simply put, fiber is the fastest and most advanced technology in high-speed internet today.

Fiber internet service with Arvig gives businesses the capacity to support a high-demand office network, the speed to keep pace with e-commerce traffic and the bandwidth to sustain a multi-device workplace.

With an established and growing fiber network in Minnesota, Arvig can connect your business wherever it is—Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Cloud, Rochester and throughout greater Minnesota. Arvig delivers fiber to your business with a scalable connection, dedicated point-to-point configurations and speeds up to 100Gb.

Whether you’re a small and stable staple on Main Street or a large company poised to expand, fiber internet gives businesses the advanced power and speed you need to develop and innovate.

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