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Summer_Cabin April 11, 2017

Cabin Fever

A checklist to get your seasonal home ready for summer

Written by Darla Palmer-Ellingson in Home Travel & Leisure

An unseasonably warm spring may bring thoughts of opening your seasonal cabin early. It’s exciting to think summer is around the corner, so let’s get it off to a great start by properly planning your cabin-opening weekend.

Even if you have gone through the procedure multiple times, it’s handy to have a checklist to plan what to bring for maintenance and recreation and to avoid overlooking anything.

Before Leaving Home for the Cabin

  1. A week ahead, call the electricity company, internet service provider and phone company to turn your services back on.
  2. Check that all registration and insurance documents are up-to-date for the boat, trailer and extra vehicles, and set out keys and new renewal stickers you may need to bring.
  3. Organize fishing poles, boating accessories, games and entertainment devices you plan to bring.
  4. Organize maintenance items you are bringing, such as tools, cleaning supplies, batteries, water and air filters.
  5. Check the weather forecast.
  6. Organize clothes and food.
  7. Don’t forget the keys to the cabin!

At the Lake
Do a walk-around inspection of the property and inspect the inside of the cabin for damage. Here are checklists for both tasks:

Outside Property Checklist

  1. Inspect power and phone lines, siding, windows and under the house, including posts and beams.
  2. Trees—look for branches that may be a hazard and need to be trimmed.
  3. Roof—check for debris that needs to be cleared.
  4. Check the deck, dock and lift, noting any needed repairs.
  5. Cut lawn and trim shrubs or trees.
  6. Clear walkways and driveway.
  7. Clean and set up outdoor furniture.
  8. Install screens.
  9. Fill propane tank.

Checklist for Inside the Cabin

  1. Turn power on (except water heater).
  2. Turn on water supply and check for leaks.
  3. Plug in appliances and turn on icemaker.
  4. Set thermostat.
  5. Inspect cupboards, closets and dressers for pests.
  6. Inspect the ceiling for water leaks.
  7. Clean and stock kitchen and bathrooms.
  8. Change light bulbs and smoke detector batteries.
  9. Replace furnace filters.
  10. Fill hot water tank, then turn power on at breaker and inspect lines for leaks.
  11. Consider having your septic system pumped if it has been more than a year to avoid any surprises mid-season.

A little prior planning, and taking steps to immediately address maintenance issues, will provide you and your guests a pleasant seasonal home opening without major headaches.