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By May 30, 2018May 13th, 2022Case Studies
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Legacy Power Line

Legacy Power Line of Wadena, Minn., owned by Jim Koranda and Annie Koranda, performs overhead and underground power line construction and maintenance services, including 24/7 emergency storm and outage restoration and repair. Legacy has 87 employees and crews in four states throughout the upper Midwest.

Arvig’s Business IT Services for Legacy Power Lines
CryptoLocker ransomware was no match to Legacy Power Lines’ network protected by Arvig’s Backup and Disaster Recovery. The company has used Arvig’s Business IT Services for four years. Managed IT covers Legacy’s server, firewall and wireless service and 10 computers at its office.

Legacy also has Backup and Disaster Recovery, a Business IT service that was crucial in recovering from a CryptoLocker ransomware attack.

The Situation
Ransomware found its way onto the company’s network in an inconspicuous way. It was embedded within a Microsoft Excel file. Once opened, the ransomware went to work, encrypting Legacy’s files, and disabling the server. Downtime is damaging to any business, and Legacy is no different.

Business IT Services Technical Specialist, Chris Humbeck, received an early-morning live chat from Legacy reporting that something was wrong with their network. Humbeck instructed the staff to shut down the office’s computers immediately to prevent further damage.

Unlike most IT problems that can be solved remotely with Business IT Services, CryptoLocker was different. CryptoLocker had disabled the server completely, requiring an on-site visit from Humbeck.

Once onsite, Humbeck put Arvig’s backup and disaster recovery tools to work. Humbeck restored the server and network by retrieving the most recent running image of the server, side stepping the encrypted files being locked by CryptoLocker. Legacy’s IT systems were operational again in short order, and the business was able to pick up where it left off before the incident.

“No business can afford data loss and downtime. Legacy Power Line is no different. Backup and Disaster Recovery gave the business peace of mind and reliable protection against an unexpected cyber threat.”

Organizational Benefits Due to Arvig’s Solutions

  • Personalized, fast support from knowledgeable, local technicians
  • Protection of server, firewall, wireless server and 10 computers
  • Network protected by Backup and Disaster Recovery