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By May 30, 2018May 26th, 2022Case Studies
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Multiple Financial Services Inc.

Multiple Financial Services Inc. (MFSI) is a diverse and well established general management company serving Rochester, Minnesota’s third-largest city and the hub of the southeast region. MFSI’s licensed staff works with residents and businesses to provide property management and commercial and residential real estate services.

MSFI’s Challenge
MFSI specializes in finding the right fit for its customers, whether it’s an apartment, single-family home, commercial office space, townhome or condominium. The business knows first-hand that in the real estate industry, what suits one tenant might not be a good fit for another. The same is true about business internet service, and in this case, one particular offer from a big-name service provider.

MFSI sought internet service with the bandwidth to support not only its office, but other business and apartment tenants in the building, a facility the company manages. A national competitor made an offer, but MFSI went with Arvig. Here’s why.

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Arvig’s Solution
The company needed a scalable solution that could keep up with the changing needs of the business as its new products and services emerge. As a building manager, MFSI had business users and its residential tenants to serve, as well.

Arvig delivered, providing a fiber connection—an upgrade over its previous T1 connection—with 100 Mbps symmetrical speeds at a price lower than the competitor. Cost, though, wasn’t the only factor in MFSI’s purchase. A higher level of service helped earn their business.

MFSI noted Arvig’s transparency and technical credibility during the installation process. The Arvig team collaborated with the company in negotiations with a railroad before drilling a conduit under the tracks. The talks allowed MFSI to expedite a four-month review process by the railroad and resulted in granting an easement permit. Installation proceeded without a hitch—and the building was connected.

“The credibility and reliability of the Arvig team gave me confidence that this mission-critical dimension of internet to business and residential users in this building would be best served by Arvig—all at a competitive price with a potentially scalable technology as our needs and new products emerge.”

Organizational Benefits Due to Arvig’s Solutions

  • Personalized, fast support from knowledgeable, local technicians
  • Network reliability to ensure maximum up-time