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Defend Your Network

Proactive DDoS Mitigation

Take down threats before they take down your network

Shield and secure your IT systems from web traffic attacks

A Distributed Denial of Service DDoS attack can shut down business networks, web servers and websites in seconds—crushing your bandwidth and rendering your IT systems inoperable. Hackers use armies of botnets—networks of malware-infected computers —to send swarms of illegitimate traffic to servers, keeping your customers and employees from accessing your critical data, systems and services. Arvig’s Proactive DDoS Mitigation service is the tool you need to fight back, identify and intercept threats and ensure your systems stay online and accessible.

Automatic Detection

Threats are identified immediately and phony traffic is filtered and re-routed instantly.

Advanced Protection

Uses leading technology that adapts to evolving threat vectors, including volumetric, protocol and application attack methods.

24/7/365 Support

Local, live support and network monitoring from Arvig’s IT experts.

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Proactive and Prepared

Stop threats and stay in service

Bad actors don’t just target large corporations—they go after small and medium-sized organizations, too. Your organization doesn’t have to be an easy target. Proactive DDoS Mitigation discards attack traffic—even tens of thousands of phony requests at once—before it reaches your infrastructure, while allowing legitimate traffic to continue to your servers. For most organizations, a website unavailable to your users and customers is a lost revenue stream. Without it, there’s no way to make new sales, process orders or offer crucial information, services and support. You no longer have to take that risk.


Take Back Your Bandwidth

Stop attacks at the source

DDoS Mitigation uses advanced filters to analyze web traffic, discard malicious requests and allow legitimate traffic to proceed. Mitigation services are an effective management strategy for the evolving and advancing DDoS threat. DDoS attacks aren’t just about shutting down websites—that’s really just one result. The real target is the organization itself, and the motivation is to hijack your internet service. When a server’s bandwidth is saturated, the overloaded site will deny service, crash or slow down significantly.

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DDoS Mitigation Featured Content

Prepare, Prevent and Protect with Proactive DDoS Mitigation

Hackers use Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to take websites and internet services offline with floods of phony traffic—a scheme that spells trouble for e-commerce companies, government entities, schools and just about any other web-dependent organization. Learn about Proactive DDoS Mitigation from Arvig, including:

  • Red flags and signs
  • Methods of attack
  • How mitigation services work

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