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6 Reasons to Invest in Customer Relationship Management Software

Data can be a powerful asset to your business

Customers are arguably the most important asset to any business. Remove them from the equation and it’s impossible to pay the bills and employee salaries.

Before today’s heavy reliance on technology, a business owner typically met or spoke to customers personally, manually taking notes. Afterward, they moved key pieces of information, including product preferences, contact information and personal data into the client’s file. Thanks to current technology, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, this inefficient method no longer has to be the norm. While CRM systems have been around for years, more businesses are seeing the value of investing in one.

Today, it’s all about capturing data, much of it coming through on email, the internet or even social media. When used effectively, CRM software improves relationships with existing customers, helps find new ones and can even lure back former ones.

These systems come with software that collects, organizes and manages the customer information. The most sophisticated options even provide templates, schedules and reminders to keep in touch with clients, and help you plan more effective communication campaigns.

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If you are unsure whether it is the right time to adopt a CRM system, review these 6 reasons before making a decision.

1. Store and share Information in one location
When you are ready to move on from sticky notes and lists cluttering your desktop, a CRM system can collect, analyze and store a massive amount of information digitally in one location. Having information readily available in a central hub allows multiple departments to instantly access and use it at one time.

2. Improved communication
You may have a strong team, but there comes a time when employees choose a different career path. Having a CRM allows for new salespeople to pick up where the previous one left off and helps maintain customer satisfaction. Customers will be much happier if they feel like every employee knows them, including unique preferences, previous issues and purchase history. This information cuts down on the number of questions they might have and keeps customer service moving forward.

3. Improved resolution times
Having access to a customer’s purchase and communication history gives representatives better information to work with when a customer calls with a problem. Agents can respond to customer needs based on historical data which improves call resolution times and average handle times.

4. Automate processes
Stored data can be automatically transferred to forms, emails and other templates as needed. Reducing the amount of manual time spent on tedious tasks like these saves time and money while increasing accuracy for businesses.

5. Share with distributed teams
Not only can you see emails, contacts and other communication details, you can instantly share data with other departments or distributed teams. Sales staff can pull up data from the field, while marketing and customer service staff share information to drive customers through the sales funnel.

6. Improved analytical data and reporting
CRM systems store information in a database, allowing you to review and analyze information as needed. Managers can generate accurate reports that outline success rates and areas that need improvement. Better report data means more informed decision-making, increased customer loyalty and long-term profitability.

A CRM system is not a magic box that will automatically fix your business operations, but they can be useful. Take the time to research available options and learn how to maximize it to best help your business.

Every business relies on customers. Quick access to comprehensive contact data will enhance positive customer interactions with your company, which ultimately translates to increased profitability.

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