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By May 16, 2019March 3rd, 2020For Business
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8 Things You Need to Know About Your Customer

Without customers, businesses wouldn’t exist. Today, customer opinions matter more than ever, and people have full control over which brands they do business with, when, and how they make their purchases.

As a business, knowing and understanding customers should be at the top of your to-do list because they have so much value to offer: Valuable information that will help you grow and make you stand out among your competitors.

Here are the top eight things you need to know about your customers.

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1. Lifestyle demographics
When you look at the right demographics, you can learn a lot about customers and potential customers. Compile data about customers’ lifestyles including marital status, housing type, occupation, income, education, hobbies, ambitions, and values and look for trends. This data shows you what makes customers act and why and can help you better target future customers.

2. Their biggest struggles
Without knowing what customers struggle with, you can’t offer a solution. Instead, you’ll look like the typical salesy brand that only cares about the bottom line. By uncovering their biggest struggles, you understand the reason they are shopping for your product and can paint a picture of how you can solve that problem.

3. Where do they spend their time
The best way to attract new customers is to spend time interacting with and building a relationship with them. Are they on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat? Do they belong to any online communities? Once you know, you can join these platforms and network with potential clients daily.

4. Shopping strategy
There is nothing worse than spending marketing dollars promoting the wrong platform or call to action. To invest marketing dollars wisely, you need to understand how your customers’ shop. What is their thought process? Do they ask friends and family, research choices online, buy online, or do they prefer shopping from a mobile app or storefront?

5. Who are their influencers
Influencers have a special talent for getting their audience to take action. They often promote products or brands they believe in. If the majority of your customers listen to or follow the same influencers, it might be beneficial for your brand to build a connection with the influencer.

6. What other companies did they consider
Many industries are overrun with possibilities and taking the time to research and understand every competitor’s strategy is impossible. Your existing customers can simplify the process. When they tell you which brands they considered, you know who is getting close and these brands are the ones you should pay most attention to.

7. Why did they pick you?
Knowing why they chose you helps you understand what you already do well, so you don’t stop. It also tells you what matters most in their selection process.

8. What is it they don’t like about doing business with your industry?
One of the best-kept secrets to growing your business significantly lies in this one question. When you find out what customers don’t like about working with businesses like yours, you have the power to be different. As they notice you are different, they will tell others, and your business will grow just by making small changes.

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