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By December 20, 2018March 3rd, 2020For Business
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8 Tips for the Perfect Business Move

Moving as a business owner is a stressful, lengthy, and time-consuming process that many of us have tackled at one point or another. Relocating a business to a new office or city takes it to a whole new level.

There are many moving pieces to running a successful business, and relocating requires advanced planning and forethought to keeps all those pieces together. To simplify the moving process for you, we’ve put together a list of 8 tips you cannot afford to ignore.

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1. Talk to Your Employees
It is essential that employees be kept informed throughout the entire moving process and planning. It is also crucial that businesses understand the move, depending on how far, may impact employee retention. Schedule a meeting before the move to address employee concerns, notify them of the timeline, and outline expectations on how business will continue during the move.

2. Create a Timeline
One thing is for sure; a move can’t happen overnight. Set your expectations by creating a timeline with ideal dates to complete various tasks including packing, transferring utilities, making the move, unpacking, and hosting a grand opening.

3. Notify Customers of the Move
Give your customers plenty of notice that the business is planning to move. Announcements should be shared via email, social media and postal mail. Contact information including new address, phone number changes, and projected timeline should also be included in these notifications.

4. Hire Professional Movers
Trying to tackle the packing and moving on your own while still managing a business is next to impossible. Something will be overlooked. Hiring a professional moving company is helpful because they do the packing, organizing, moving and unpacking. Moving companies will also be able to offer advice on steps you should take in advance to assure the process is smooth.

5. Contact all Vendors Beforehand
In addition to your customers, all vendors need to be notified of your new shipping and mailing address so they can transfer services and bills. In some cases, the move may require finding new vendors that service the area. If you lease or rent office equipment, it is essential to contact the supplier about the move to avoid breaking any contracts.

6. Only Take What You Need
Moving to a new location is the perfect opportunity to clean out that closet with decade-old equipment. Donate gently used items to local charitable organizations and schedule a special trash pickup or dumpster for unsalvageable items.

7. Delegate Tasks
In addition to hiring a moving company, many businesses seek help from their team. By delegating tasks to team members, you can continue to take care of revenue-generating tasks. This also helps employees feel as if they are valued and essential to making the move a success.

8. Update Your Online Presence
Lastly, your old address is plastered all over the Internet. Take the time to update the business website, directory listings, and social media profiles so new customer have no trouble finding you.

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