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Are You Traveling This Summer?

Take Along the 10 Best Travel Gadgets for 2022

Whether it’s an ingenious new idea, or improvement on a previous device, travel gadgets are evolving, getting smaller, lighter and more creative, often pulling double duty. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make your trips–for business or pleasure–more enjoyable, from enhanced entertainment to better organization or productivity. These are some of the best travel gadget ideas I have come across for 2022, including a few I already have tried, and the rest are on my shopping list!

1. A minuscule travel shaver
If packing light and looking sharp is how you roll, the tiny Evo shaver is for you. You never know when you might come off the hiking trail and decide to attend a posh wine tasting event. This mighty little shaver is self-sharpening and has a travel lock mode. Have a clean face for date night, family events or photo ops on the go with the Evo Shaver- only $29 bucks on Amazon.

2. A pivotal camera accessory
This gadget is definitely on my shopping list! The Pivo pod connects to a tripod and becomes an automated cameraman for your smartphone video shoots. A remote can control the motorized head or use the Bluetooth phone app. Pivo pod can do a lot of cool things, including 360-degree panoramas of a spectacular view or an automated time lapse of your celebration at a pub with new travel buddies. But the must buy feature (for me) is smooth object tracking. Focus Pivo Pod on a subject’s face or body in tracking mode, and the device will automatically follow the action. The lite version is currently on sale (as of this writing) for $80. The pro version, which has greater speed controls, starts at $150.

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3. The best world travel plug
Traveling to multiple countries in the future? The Universal Travel Adapter from OREI addresses all of your plug in needs in one handy and small device. It’s really ingenious- a system of sliding levers pushes out the correct prongs for the desired country. There are also two USB charging slots. This means you only need one very small adapter for your travels. I own one, and it is very durable, making many journeys and still works great. Buy it on Amazon for about $22.

4. A portable charger newcomer
I generally shy away from cheap portable chargers- it’s an item one needs to count on when needed. Taking a look at 2022’s best power bricks, it surprised me to find a brand relatively unknown in the U.S. The INIU 10000mAh Portable Charge got the top rating for 2022 in Tom’s Guide based on comparison tests, knocking out industry leader Anker. These are the specs you get in the INIU charger for about $20

  • Capacity: 10,000mAh
  • Output Ports: 2x USB-A
  • Input Ports: 1x micro USB, 1x USB-C
    Weight: 6.9 ounces

5. A traveler’s surge protector
There are many places in the U.S. and overseas where power can be unstable. Surges can be devastating to electronics. If you are traveling with your mobile office, toss in a Belkin Mini Surge Protector. Not only can the device charge several things at once with 3 outlets and 2 USB ports, it’s super compact. The Belkin Mini Surge Protector runs about $17 on Amazon. 

6. Sleek and slim electric toothbrush
Anything with a lithium-ion battery has to go in your carry on, but things like your electric toothbrush case and charger can take up too much valuable real estate. Fortunately, Phillips made a travel version of their popular Sonic electric toothbrush. Called Phillips One, the brush comes with a cover and usb cable for charging. The electric toothbrush runs about $29 and is available in seven colors. There is also an AAA battery version for a few bucks less.

7. Device to avoid overweight luggage
Don’t be that person, the one rummaging around their checked bag, taking things out so they can meet the airline weight limit. The Tarriss Portable Luggage Scale is small, light and affordable, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. For about $18 you can skip those airport hassles and snarky looks. 

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8. The Oura Smart Ring
It’s hard to keep up on good health practices while traveling- eating out, long plane rides and interrupted sleep can take a toll. One of the newest wearables to track your personal health details is the Oura smart ring. Less obtrusive than a smart watch, Oura tracks your sleep and fitness, has up to a week of battery life, and looks cool on your hand. The lightweight titanium ring weighs less than 6 grams and connects seamlessly to Google Fit and Apple Health. Available in a quartet of metallic colors, this smart ring runs $299 – $399, and includes a free Oura 6-month membership.

9. An RFID bag
You can get away with an RFID protected wallet for a weekend getaway. For longer trips with multiple stops, this unisex Pacsafe cross body bag holds all of your family travel documents plus your small camera, phone and the latest bestseller or iPad. In addition to having RFID blocking technology to prevent cybercriminals from stealing your important information, it has anti-slash material, a front pocket organizer with key fob, and a lockable zipper. Make the most of that “personal item” you take on the plane! Find the bag on B & H Photo for $100

10. Simple phone and tablet holder
I have to say I was green with envy over my seat mate’s Flight Flap holder. This simple bendable pad tucked into the seatback magazine holder on our Alaska Airlines flight, and held a 10″ iPad at a good viewing angle with no problem. The listing says one can also insert it in the tray table slot. We will definitely look into adding this small, lightweight pad to our bag before the next flight. Find it on Amazon for about $18.

Final travel musings
We love to travel, and try to keep our bags to a minimum while still having accessories to enhance work, rest and entertainment enroute. Some of the best ideas have come from observing cool gadgets being used by other travelers or airline personnel. We came across our absolute favorite suitcase brand TravelPro Elite Platinum by observing the bags flight attendants and pilots use. If you see a cool device, don’t be afraid to ask a fellow traveler the brand and where they bought it. Most people are happy to share.

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