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By January 11, 2018March 3rd, 2020For Business
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Fiber Optics Help Grow Your Business at the Speed of Light

Access to powerful connectivity solutions gives businesses an edge to become more influential and more successful in today’s digital age. Evolving technology presents unprecedented value propositions for businesses that are pursuing effective and innovative means of communication to improve business processes and achieve operational excellence. In this context, fiber optics offer an array of strategic advantages for lightning-fast business growth and expansion:

1. High Performance Communication
As the newest method in broadband technology, fiber optics, in all metrics, outperform traditional cable networks. Fiber is able to transmit more data faster, without losing significant signal quality over long distances. A typical coaxial cable’s maximum bandwidth capability scales up to 100-300Mbps; in contrast, fiber optics offer more than 1Gbps or even 100Gbps in bandwidth and speed. In essence, these figures translate into improved data communication in terms of transmission speed, reliability, quality and long-term cost.

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2. Facilitate Productive Innovation
The latest enterprise technology trends include cloud computing, mobility and big data analytics, which are inherently dependent on data transmission speed, security, reliability and effectiveness. Fiber enables organizations to maximize the potential of their investments on innovative solutions, trends and practices. Low-latency, high-bandwidth broadband technology is critical to delivering the high-end user-experience promised by cloud-based services, thereby maximizing workforce productivity and resource utilization.

3. Security, Reliability, Service Uptime
Failure to deploy a scalable connectivity solution poses significant risks and implications that go beyond just compromised performance, productivity and reliability; in addition, poor performance presents compliance and legal challenges. When a business is responsible for maintaining end-user privacy, data security and service uptime, and fails to meet those expectations, it can lead to lawsuits, financial losses, diminished market share and damage to brand reputation. Secure, private and reliable fiber infrastructure is therefore critical for delivering profitable and secure services to customers and employees across the network.

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Moving at the speed of light

4. Productivity and Cost Effectiveness
Investment in fiber presents immediate returns in the form of productive data transmission—the ability to send and receive vast volumes of digital information faster, at a fraction of the cost. Fiber Internet also allows employees to get more work done and collaborate more effectively by transmitting more information at higher data rates within a secure corporate IT network. Advancements in fiber optic technology are further reducing the capital expense required to deploy, manage and operate effective fiber Internet for business.

Fiber is driving the perfect storm for businesses pursuing sophisticated connectivity solutions; the speed, scalability and reliability of this technology positively impacts the bottom line. Fiber-connected businesses are seeing rapid growth and more success due to the ability to work at the speed of light.

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