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By April 12, 2018September 23rd, 2021For Business
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Five Great VoIP Features Your Business Should Use

From laptops to smartphones, technology has transformed the places where doing business is possible. We’re no longer tied to our desks. We take our offices with us: city to city, across the country and around the world.

But staying mobile in business wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t use tools that help us communicate effectively. Today, businesses are rapidly adopting Voice over IP- (VoIP) based phone systems for their business communications. Unlike traditional phone systems that send signals over copper wires, VoIP transmits voice data over the same broadband connection you use for the internet.

VoIP phone systems not only offer a high-quality digital signal, but they are cost-effective, easy to use and come with a host of features. Here are 5 useful VoIP features your business should use:

1. Find Me Follow Me
This tool allows all your devices to ring at once, or calls can follow you by ringing your devices in a personalized sequence. With Find Me Follow Me, calls can be routed to your mobile phone when your desk phone is called. This is the perfect feature for an employee who is often away from a desk. This feature is also commonly used to ring multiple employees when a single number is called.

2. Voicemail to Email
With this feature, voicemails are recorded as an audio file and emailed to the recipient. Users then can easily download the file and play it on their PC or phone.

3. Comm Portal
This feature provides a web interface to your phone settings. Comm Portal allows you to view recent calls, view and listen to voicemails, set up your contacts and change settings for the phone and phone system.

4. Call Forwarding
This feature allows for calls to be forwarded from a business phone directly to any other number or device.

5. Auto Attendant
The Auto Attendant system is like a virtual receptionist. Auto attendant presents voice menu options that transfer callers to any extension without the use of a live operator.

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