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By January 4, 2018March 3rd, 2020For Business
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Your Laptop

Five Ways to Get More Minutes Per Charge

Today’s laptop batteries have the battery life to keep users unplugged and mobile for hours. Did you know you can get even more time between charges with a few simple tricks? Try these power-saving tips from ByteSpeed.

1. Upgrade the Operating System
Newer operating systems are designed to run more efficiently, putting less demand on hardware, including device drivers, which results in less power consumption.

2. Upgrade to a Solid State Drive
Unlike traditional hard drives with spinning plates, solid state drives use memory chips to store your files and data. Because they have no moving parts, solid state drives typically consume about 20 percent less energy.

3. Dim the Screen
Turning down the brightness will save battery power. On a PC, in the settings menu, click Display, and adjust the brightness slider. On a Mac, go to system preferences, select Displays, and drag the slider. You can save even more power by lowering the screen resolution.

4. Close Software and Hardware You’re Not Using
Running multiple applications demands more processing power, as does using devices such as webcams, USB drives and wireless PC cards. Shutting down programs you don’t need will save battery power.

5. Use Sleep Modes
If you plan to step away from your machine for a while, activate sleep mode. This doesn’t completely shut down your system, but it greatly reduces power use. When you return, your files and programs will reopen and you can start working again from where you left off.

Here’s a Bonus Tip For Longer Overall Battery Life
Heat causes the battery to drain faster. Prevent overheating with a cooling pad and keep cooling fans clear of dust or obstructions. Avoid placing the laptop on a pillow, or soft surfaces where heat can be trapped. Don’t store your laptop where the temperature exceeds 80 degrees.

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