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5 Tips for Traveling with Your Tech

Traveling with technology is evolving—from browsing the internet in-flight to being your own hotspot on the road. If you plan to travel with your phone, laptop, e-reader or tablet, here are 5 ways to avoid hassles and stay connected and secure.

1. Breeze through security
If you’re traveling by air, Transportation Security Administration regulations say you might be required to power up anything with a battery. While this is rare, it is a good idea to have your device charged before going through security. Fortunately, airports have increased the volume of outlets and charging stations to meet device demands. Laptops need to be out of the bag, unless it is in a TSA approved case. Personal devices—your phone, tablet or e-reader—can be left in your carry on, but these should be packed on top in case you are asked to take them out.

2. Pack smart
Don’t be forced to check a bag that contains your laptop because it won’t fit into an overhead bin or under your seat on an airplane. Even if your carry-on is an approved size, some aircraft servicing smaller regional airports have extremely small storage bins, and airline personnel will ask you to check your bag at the gate if they determine it is too large. To be safe, carry your laptop in its own case; even a large-screen model with its charger and cords can fit in a small bin.

3. Be safe on the fly
Use caution when accessing the internet while traveling, just as you would using any public network at home. Don’t tap into a network that is not officially part of the airport, airline or hotel network. Avoid using banking and other high-security passwords or making credit card transactions.

4. Don’t run out of juice
If you’re on the road and not sure whether you’ll be able to easily recharge your phone or device, you can buy an emergency charger and bring it with you. Emergency chargers are battery-powered and can give you several hours of phone use, even if you’re far from an electrical outlet.

5. Be your own hot spot
Want to take your WiFi-enabled tablet, laptop or gaming device on a trip but don’t have a data connection? You can buy a hot spot that extends internet access to all your devices. There are two ways to approach hot spots—either buy the hotspot device and as much data as you think you will need for your journey, or add a hot spot device to your cellular plan.

Whether you’re hopping on a plane, riding the rails or freewheeling it on the road, be safe and have fun out there traveling with all your devices.

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