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By December 29, 2020For Home
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A New Angle on Phishing

A New Angle on Phishing

The act of phishing among cybercriminals and other bad actors across the digital landscape is a constantly evolving threat. Phishing attacks are becoming more sophisticated all the time, becoming prominent not only in email, text and other digital communication channels, but social media as well.

Millions of people use social media every day as a channel for contacting customer service. What you might not realize is that social media is prime hunting ground for always-scheming phishing attackers, Relatively new to the phishing landscape is Angle Phishing. Angle Phishers surf feeds for posts complaining about poor customer service. Say your bank is late in posting your deposit or your online order should have arrived days ago. You take to social media to vent, and what you think is a harmless rant is actually bait for angle phishers. With details as basic as the company name, the scammer reaches out via direct message, posing as a member of the support team using the cover of a fake account. They appear concerned, sound genuine and make an offer to help. What they really want is your account information, credit card info or other sensitive data.

Learn more in this infographic about how angle phishing works and how to avoid getting hooked.

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