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Arvig WiFi TV—You Really Can Watch It Anywhere

Any family with kids in sports can relate: When tournament time rolls around, life can be a little bit hectic.

Families have to roll with the ups and downs of the games, tight schedules, traveling and lots of thinking on your feet—where to find meals on the go and how to kill time between games.

Then, of course, there’s figuring out what to do when your other favorite team plays a big championship game on the day of your kids’ tournament.

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Kelly and Eric Pilgrim of Perham have two daughters who play basketball. The family are also big fans of the NDSU Bison. So, when their daughters’ recent tournament happened to fall on the day the Bison would be televised in Frisco, Texas, playing for their seventh-straight FCS football national championship, the Pilgrims had to get a little creative. After all, they didn’t want to miss either event.

But wait. We all have DVRs, right? Couldn’t they just record it and watch the game at home later? Sure, but the Pilgrims weren’t counting on being the only Bison fans at the basketball tournament. Chances are, someone in the stands would blurt out the score and spoil the action. So, on the day of the tournament, Kelly scheduled the recording for the game and packed up the family’s Fire TV Stick, which had the Arvig WiFi TV app installed on it. They decided to take their TV with them.

The Pilgrims had planned for a full afternoon of basketball, but the tournament schedule also included a break between games—just enough time to get away and watch the recorded Bison game. But they didn’t have to go all the way back home to do it.

Fire Stick in tow, the Pilgrims left the gym and headed to Eric’s office. They found an empty conference room with a smart TV and internet. Kelly plugged in the Fire Stick, and in a minute, the family was having lunch and watching the recorded Bison game together.

“It was so easy to plug it in, log in with my credentials and just like that, we were up and going,” Kelly says.

Thanks to some on-the-go planning and the ability to watch recorded TV from anywhere, the Pilgrim family caught more than one big game that day—a basketball tournament and a football championship.

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