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Computer Repair

Computer Repair: 4 Reasons You Should Fix the PC You Have

Is buying new the best choice? Not always.

So, your computer isn’t running as well as it used to. It crashes, it freezes, it’s frustratingly slow and the problems go on. At some point in your computer’s lifetime, there’s a chance you’ll experience related issues.

If you’re in this situation, you have a couple options: repair your existing computer or buy new.

Buying new might seem like the easiest and most efficient solution on first consideration—and, depending on the problem and your requirements—it could be.

But wait, before you click away and start price comparing online, you should know that—in many cases—repairing your existing computer might end up being a better and more affordable choice. Here are four big reasons why.

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1. You’ll probably save money
Consider the cost of a new, out-of-the-box computer. If you go the budget route, a general-purpose, mid-range desktop with monitor, tower, keyboard and mouse from a popular brand such as Dell will cost you about $550. You can sometimes find cheaper models online or at discount retailers, but keep in mind, the less you pay, the less performance you generally get.

On the higher end, a top-performing desktop can run as much as $1,500 to more than $2,000 for a leading brand such as Apple. You can expect to pay as much or more for a laptop, with a range of about $300 for a basic model to more than $4,000 for a high-end MacBook Pro.

Interested in accessories such as a larger LCD monitor, virus protection, wireless mouse, keyboard, software and a printer? The costs quickly add up.

Computer repairs present a lower up-front cost in most cases. The price of a one-time repair for most common computer issues will likely cost you a fraction of a brand-new computer.

2. Your existing files can stay put
When you get a new computer, you’ll probably want all your familiar personal files, photos, playlists, software and games to be transferred. Moving over all your data can be time-consuming and complicated.

If you’re not familiar with the correct backup and migration procedures, there’s a risk your data could be corrupted or lost completely. If an error does happen, professional data recovery costs money.

3. New isn’t always best
Buying a new computer doesn’t guarantee that you’re getting “better” software or features.

Though it’s true that newer systems typically come with many new features and upgrades, what’s to say the latest and greatest is best? Some people prefer the software, features and operating systems (OS) they are already comfortable and proficient with. Re-learning a new OS and suite of new software takes time and can be difficult.

In some cases, the familiar tools and features you had with an older OS or program might not still exist on newer versions. What’s more, older versions of certain accessories, such as printers, scanners or software might not always be compatible with newer systems.

4. Repairs extend your PC’s life
Most people who invest in something as expensive as a computer strive to get as many years as they can out of their PC. But computer repair isn’t just for thrifty and conscientious buyers. It might just be the most practical and cost-effective solution.

What if the issue causing your computer to crash is just a virus? What if the reason you can’t install your new software is a packed hard drive? What if a lack of memory is why it’s been so sluggish? These are relatively small problems that can be detected and resolved with simple repairs.

It’s not worth starting from scratch when a repair could result in your computer running as well or better than it did before. A simple fix has the potential to extend a PC’s serviceable life.

Bottom line
Before you consider scrapping your old PC and starting new, realize that the problem might be smaller than it seems. The issue you thought was major could possibly be resolved by a simple repair. Is a computer you could potentially use for years worth giving up on? Maybe not.

What now?
Computer repair technicians are trained to identify and diagnose a range of problems, and many are certified experts. Technicians have the tools to restore a problematic computer to a level of performance that was as good or better than you had before.

Computer repair doesn’t suit every situation. Some systems just completely fail, and time and technology will eventually outpace even the best-performing PC. But computer repair is a cost-effective and efficient option, especially if the PC you have still adequately serves your needs.

Arvig offers computer repair services in Perham, Detroit Lakes, Henning, Melrose, Park Rapids, and Sauk Centre. Arvig’s Tech Team is A+ PC Certified and their services include virus cleanup, hard drive cleanup, data backup, formatting, memory upgrades and custom-built computers. Find out more here.

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