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Deep Dive on Internet II

If you want the best online experience, (videos without buffering, movies without queuing, gaming without lag and video calls free of motion blur) you need a connection with the bandwidth to support your internet demand.

Internet speeds are not a one-size-fits all package. Service that was adequate five or 10 years ago might not be able to keep up today, especially if your habits have changed—you’ve added devices to your network or started using more bandwidth intensive applications. Maybe you’ve installed a smart thermostat, recently bought a smart speaker or gotten into online gaming. All of these devices use bandwidth, which directly correlates with the speeds you experience. If there isn’t enough bandwidth for all that data to pass through, you’ll get slower speeds and, likely, a less than ideal experience online.

Think of a congested highway. When the road is packed with cars, traffic chugs along slowly. But add a lane or two, and the traffic jam starts to free up and move again. It’s the same with bandwidth. When you have 25Mbps, all your traffic, or data, is going to move through the pipeline a lot more quickly, compared with smaller-bandwidth offering such as 10 Mbps.

Has your home network grown in recent years? Have your online habits become more dependent on bandwidth-consuming applications and services? If you’re not getting the speeds you want, it might be because you don’t have the bandwidth you need. For a little more perspective, check out this infographic.

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