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Door to Door Scams Are No Joke

Door-to-Door Scams Are No Joke

Whether it’s a salesman selling vacuums, a team of volunteers covering a neighborhood to gather community support or a young student selling cookies for a band trip, there’s nothing particularly wrong with most door-to-door offers.

Neighborhood canvassing and unannounced visits have long been used as a means of contacting people for legitimate causes, whether it’s for sales, a non-profit cause or some other volunteer effort. The problem is, this common tactic can be used for wrongdoing, as well.

Scammers take advantage of door-to-door contact to trick unsuspecting people into giving them money or taking their property. They often target seniors, people who live alone or folks who might be home during the day, among others. The troubling part is, these wrongdoers might even appear friendly and trustworthy and approach you with a convincing offer.

There is a big difference between honest, legitimate door-to-door offers and scams.

This infographic can help you spot the scammers and protect yourself and your property.

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