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Ways to make your public profile private. Infographics in blue and green

Five Ways to Make Your Public Profile More Private

Social media is one of the most popular ways to connect with friends and family, share notable personal moments, promote noble causes, raise awareness of important societal issues, network with businesses or professionals and stay current on news and events.

For its many upsides, social media has drawbacks, too.

The information users share on networks can potentially be seen by anyone. Weak passwords and careless practices such as not logging off from public computers opens profiles to hacking and misuse of personal data. Sharing too much personal information can be a security risk and can expose users to danger from people who want to use what’s shared for malicious reasons—including identity theft and damaging someone’s reputation.

Social media encourages making connections and staying engaged; It’s a powerful tool both in personal networking and for business, but all users should be responsible on their networks—including using strong passwords, utilizing account security tools offered by networks and using common sense with the information they post online.

This infographic offers five ways to shore up the security on your social media profiles. Implement these practices to protect your personal information and keep yourself safer online.

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