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Solve Your Wi-Fi Woes

Mobile Apps Can Measure Wireless Signal

The dreaded dead zone: Where YouTube videos buffer, Netflix streams get choppy and our favorite playlists skip a beat. We’ve all been there, and we all know these places—those spots in our home where the Wi-Fi signal drops, gets weak or just seems to lag behind.

Here’s some good news: There are mobile apps that can help you locate those weak zones and measure your signal strength. Arvig is recommending the Dr. WiFi app for Android and Wi-Fi SweetSpots for Apple. Both are free to download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Features vary slightly, but both apps can measure signal strength. Dr. Wi-Fi can detect devices connected to your network and has tools to check for security vulnerabilities. Wi-Fi SweetSpots can help you find the best spot for your router and records data you can use to help solve connectivity issues. Both apps are fast, light on phone storage and simple to use.

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Measuring Your Signal
Dr. WiFi can help you target dead zones around your home and identify good places to set up an access point to extend wireless coverage. Here’s a guide to the signal strength tool in the app. Values are measured in decibel milliwatts (dBm):

+ A reading of between -20 to -60 dBm shows a good, solid signal.
+ -60 to -70 dBm means a weaker, but still decent signal. -65 is good enough for voice and video applications, and -70 might be usable for normal web surfing.
+ Below -70 dBm means a poor signal. It’s likely you’ll need an access point for a usable signal.
+ If you’re getting a reading of -65 and below and are experiencing issues, you should call Arvig Technical Support at 877.290.0560.
+ You might have to wait up to 30 seconds for the final result. The meter will bounce around at first while the reading calibrates. If you want to measure signal strength from a certain device, the closer you are, the more accurate a reading you will get.

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Managing a home network isn’t always easy. Device issues, interference and weak signals can lead to a host of connection problems with Wi-Fi networks. Arvig’s Managed Wi-Fi service can eliminate those common problems and provide a consistent, strong signal and coverage for your wireless network.

Need tips to optimize your home wireless network? Take these steps for a better signal. What about your wired devices? Here are four benefits you might not know.

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