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What You Might Have Missed

12 Cool Back to School Gadgets

Sometimes, it is not until students return to school that they discover the really cool new gadgets that peers have picked up. Here’s a list of the 12 most popular back to school gadgets for 2018 that you may have missed out on, but can still buy for students of all ages.

1. A New Way to Communicate.
GoTenna Mesh lets you use your smartphone without cell service or Wi-Fi. You can use it to send texts, share GPS locations, do group chat and more. It comes with two antennas to create your own signal network, but you can also tie into other GoTenna’s—and there is already good coverage across the country. It’s waterproof, dirt-proof and weighs only two ounces. $179 for two.

2. Totally cool keyboard.
The Roccat: Vulcan is an RGB mechanical keyboard with advanced engineering, delivering swift and tactile keystrokes for industry leading response time. LED lights show through transparent switches that are individually programmable on a per-key basis in 16.8M vivid colors. A durable metal frame is fitted with dirt resistant and spill-proof switches, making it effectively college-kid-proof for $129.99-$159.99.

3. Ergonomical Laptop Stand.
An affordable alternative to buying an external monitor, Roost is a convenient stand that will put a tablet at a good viewing height while saving desktop space. Pairs well with external keyboards, such as the Logitech K380.

4. A Deal on a Noise Cancelling Headset.
Studying in the dorms is a bit more peaceful with active noise cancellation. Anker offers a really good quality set for cheap. Buy for $99 on Amazon.

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5. Great Buds.
Another offering from Anker, SoundBuds Surge offers everything good in a pair of Bluetooth earbuds: lightweight, last for several hours on a single charge, are totally waterproof, comfortable, have great sound and a fantastic $24 price tag. Anker also added a conveniently placed magnet to keep the earbuds together when not in use.

6. Electronic Notebook.
Students remember better when they handwrite than typing, according to scientific studies. The Rocketbook Everlast notebook has 36 pages for writing that can then be digitally uploaded to a variety of online storage choices such as Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud. After scanning, wipe the page with a damp cloth to erase it. Get it for $30 on Amazon.

7. Anti-theft backpack.
Stylish meets safety with the Pacsafe Unisex Quicksilver X anti-theft backpack. A metal loop holds the zippers closed (to deter pickpockets) and the fabric blocks radio frequencies (to deter hackers). Find it for $189.95 on Amazon.

8. Kid Fitness.
For the younger set, Fitbit Ace motivates kids to move through customizable step and active minute goals, sending positive messages and awarding badges. The adjustable wristband is showerproof and the unit will stay charged for up to 5 days to keep pace with kids’ busy lives. Priced at $79.95.

9. Keep Track with Tile Sport.
Know any students prone to losing keys, wallet or purse? Simply attach the Tile Sport and the missing item can be tracked using the Tile app. The most advanced Tile yet, the device has twice the Bluetooth range and a louder ring. Check with your cell phone carrier for Tile Sport, which runs for $24.99.

10. A New Way to Protect Privacy.
If your student is new to the dorms or their first apartment, consider purchasing the Dojo by Bullguard to help protect privacy and safety of data. Artificial Intelligence monitors smart IoT devices to protect from hackers. Selling for about $107 on Amazon.

11. Big Test Help.
The Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE is great for students because it’s permitted for SAT, ACT and AP testing, and is loaded with all the latest math apps for $110.

12. When It’s Time to Chill.
Kids can’t study all of the time. The Soundcore Motion Q is a great waterproof speaker that fills a room with 16W of full-bodied 360-degree sound sounds even though it’s only 4.3-inches tall. After 10 hours of battery life the unit recharges in less than 3.5 hours, and has a handy wrist strap for portability. It can even be wirelessly paired with a second Motion Q for expanded stereo sound. Find it on Amazon for $46.

If you missed out on these cool deals before school started, you can also consider this an early start on your holiday shopping list.

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