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Internet, Hosted PBX and More

Business is easier when you don’t have to worry about your internet connection. Get connected with the best in broadband, engineered for maximum uptime. Don’t let downtime drown you!

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Game changer for any business.

Arvig’s reliable, secure fiber connections were built for your business. Join more than 20,000 businesses in Minnesota who trust Arvig to deliver reliable internet service at a great price, all with local 24/7/365 support.

Built For You

Custom broadband connections for any size business.


Feature-rich Hosted PBX phone systems for efficient communication.

Business IT

Kick cyber threats, network failures and connection issues to the curb.

Your Local IT Team

  • Increase Your Bandwidth Speed

  • Ethernet Point-to-Point and Multi-Point

  • Wavelength

  • Fiber

  • Networking

  • Hosted PBX Phone Systems

  • Proactive DDoS Mitigation

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You’re seconds away from the speediest business internet in Minnesota.
Reach your goals faster by moving your business out of the slow lane.

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