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With the increased use of technology in the classroom, high-speed service has become fundamental to K-12 education.

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Experienced Service

Over 300 schools and libraries across Minnesota trust Arvig with their internet.

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Customized Options

Arvig offers traditional lit services, dark fiber, or the ability to purchase your own private network.

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We partner with schools and libraries to create qualified, custom broadband solutions.

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Future Proof

There’s room to grow as your need for more bandwidth does.

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Business Solutions

In addition to internet, Arvig provides phone, security, Business IT services and more.

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Local Support

Our network experts are based in the communities we serve.

DDoS Internet Education Featured Content

Keep Your Network Secure: Proactive DDoS Mitigation Service

Cyber criminals use Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to flood websites with illegitimate traffic from a botnet of computers. DDoS attacks can slow down or altogether shut down websites. Businesses are a big target for DDoS attacks, because without website access, attackers can cut off a business’ customers and revenue stream. But now there is a way to prevent this from happening. Learn about Proactive DDos with Mitigation Services, including details about:

+ The ability to block malicious web traffic.
+ How DDoS protection holds off attacks.
+ Other features offered with this service.

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“Arvig is a 5-star company, I am grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by Arvig over the 16 years I have worked with them. They are our go-to vendor for our network cabling, fiber, phone systems, security cameras and internet service.”

Andrew Spurlin, Detroit Lakes Public Schools


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