Fiber for Business

It's easy to move forward when nothing holds you back

Looking for the best and brightest?  Go with fiber optics.

This is broadband at its best.

Fiber internet service is delivered through fiber optic cables packed with glass or plastic strands that transmit data with modulated light. Simply put, fiber is the fastest and most advanced technology in high speed today. Powerful is possible with fiber internet from Arvig.

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Serious Bandwidth

Speeds of up to 100Gb. Download, upload, stream and video conference.

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Future Proof

There’s room to grow. Your internet needs are met today and in the future.

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Here to Stay

Arvig has 4,000+ route miles of fiber in Minnesota. The best is within your reach.

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Modern Network

Arvig has a well-established and growing network throughout greater Minnesota.

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Dedicated Connection

Bandwidth reserved for your office. Doesn’t compete with a shared network.

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Symmetrical Speeds

Uploading video? No problem. Get the same speeds for upload and download.

“The credibility and reliability of the Arvig team gave me confidence that this mission—critical dimension of internet to business and residential users in this building would be best served by Arvig—all at a competitive price with a potentially scalable technology as our needs and new products emerge.”

Jeffery Allman, President at Multiple Financial Services, Inc.
DDos attacks remain a threat to businesses

Protect Your Business From DDoS

Businesses that depend on their website to deliver products and services know that network disruptions are inconvenient to customers and costly to the business. Downtime is a serious problem. Unfortunately, hackers know this, too, which is why they use Distributed Denial of Service attacks against businesses. DDoS attacks overwhelm networks with floods of malicious traffic in an attempt to restrict access from legitimate users and customers. But businesses aren’t helpless. Arvig’s DDoS Protection can shut down these attacks and keep your network in service. DDoS Protection offers these benefits:

+ Advanced traffic filtering technology to discard malicious traffic.
+ 24/7/365 monitoring and support.
+ Manual and automatic protection.


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