Health Care Meets the Internet

Is your internet connection as healthy as it should be?

You can’t expect your health care facility to run well on a bad internet connection.

Keep up with the world’s demands.

At Arvig, we like to think of fast internet services as future-proofing the health care field. We’re ready to help your facility take that step.

Serious Capability

Send files—including X-rays and CT scans—quickly and easily without worry.

Faster with Fiber

Get the fastest and most advanced technology in high speed today.

Local Support

Our network experts are based in the communities we serve.

Modern Network

Arvig has 13,500+ route miles of fiber in Minnesota. The best is within your reach.

Always On

A redundant network keeps you up and running even if your primary line goes down.


Easily connect all of your health care facility’s locations throughout Minnesota.

Health Care Featured Content DDoS Attacks

DDoS Attacks Remain a Threat to Businesses

Hackers use Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to take business websites offline with floods of phony traffic—a scheme that spells trouble for e-commerce companies, government entities and just about any other web-dependent organization. Learn about Proactive DDoS Mitigation from Arvig, including:

  • What red flags to look for.
  • Why criminals use DDoS.
  • How you can protect your business.

“All the traffic that has to go back and forth—everything from scheduling patients to accessing records, transmitting information to other facilities, even filling your prescription—all goes through that circuity to get dispensed to everywhere it has to go.”

Jim Rieber, Perham Health, Perham, Minn.


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