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Quality Connected Care

Reliable and ready to serve

Fiber can carry your organization forward

Support administrative and IT systems; advance the patient experience

When your top concern is providing the best health care and patient experience, your internet service should be a resource you can depend on every day, all day, no matter the task. Health care facilities trust Arvig for service that delivers everywhere it matters—that means fast and secure data transfers, an efficient, secure network and fully optimized technology to confidently take on the challenges of today and the future.

Engineered for Uptime

A redundant network keeps you up and running even if your primary line goes down.

Connect Your Way

We build reliable networks to connect a single facility or multiple locations.

Built for Big Data

Send and share files—including X-rays and CT scans—quickly and securely.

“With Arvig, we have a couple different processes in place … so that if we have a failure, we can go to an immediate backup plan so that we can stay (online). Our goal is 99.97 percent uptime.”

Jim Reiber, Perham Health
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Proactive DDoS Mitigation

Protect your network

Proactive DDoS Mitigation shields your IT network and its bandwidth from Distributed Denial of Service attacks. DDoS Mitigation uses advanced filters to analyze web traffic, discard malicious requests and allow legitimate network traffic to proceed. Mitigation services are an effective management strategy for evolving DDoS threats.


Bandwidth up to 100Gbps

Do more with fiber

From administrative systems to clinical operations, and from telehealth services to the patient portal, health care facilities of all sizes need bandwidth on-demand. With available speeds up to 100Gbps, Arvig’s fiber is up to the task. Every connection is engineered for maximum efficiency and uptime.

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DDoS Mitigation Featured Content

Prepare, Prevent and Protect with Proactive DDoS Mitigation

Hackers use Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to take websites and internet services offline with floods of phony traffic—a scheme that spells trouble for e-commerce companies, government entities, schools and just about any other web-dependent organization. Learn about Proactive DDoS Mitigation from Arvig, including:

  • Red flags and signs
  • Methods of attack
  • How mitigation services work

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