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By August 21, 2019February 28th, 2020News
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Gig Announcement Otter Tail County

Arvig Announces Plans for 1 Gigabit Residential Internet Service in Several Northeastern Otter Tail County Communities

Arvig announced its planned rollout of 1 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) residential internet service in Amor Township and the cities of, Dent, New York Mills, Ottertail, Perham, Richville, and Vergas as well as select surrounding areas. The 1 Gbps service will be delivered using DOCSIS 3.1, allowing services to be available by simply upgrading the customer’s modem. At 1,000 megabits per second, the new service will be 10 times faster than the current fastest internet speeds available to area residents. Use of DOCSIS 3.1 allows Arvig to deliver an industry-leading experience while leveraging existing infrastructure to provide customers with a premium experience much more quickly than other options allow. About 4500 area customers will be able to receive the 1 Gbps service.

“We know faster internet speeds help people enjoy communicating with their families, staying connected with friends and streaming  entertainment. Faster speeds also create more opportunities whether it be online education or owning a business. Knowing this drives us to bring faster speeds to area residents so they can be connected efficiently and conveniently.” says David Arvig, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Arvig. “Especially when streaming 4K content, you need a robust connection and this technology provides what customers need to have a great user experience.”

“As the number of connected devices in each home increases, so does the demand for bandwidth. Customers who use the internet regularly throughout the day will enjoy the improved experience increased speed provides,” said Ben Wiechman, Director of IP Strategy and Engineering at Arvig.

56 nodes are being upgraded in the area in order to bring 1 Gbps service to residents. Customers will be contacted regarding their option to upgrade to faster service as early as October.

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