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By December 4, 2020December 9th, 2020News
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Directory Acquisition

Arvig Announces Purchase of Directories

Arvig today announced the acquisition of Statewide Directories of  Kennewick, Wash. The purchase adds six new directories to the Arvig portfolio which is managed by the Arvig Media team.

With three directories that cover parts of Washington and Oregon and an additional three directories covering regions of Montana, the purchase represents an opportunity to expand Arvig Media’s digital media products, including services such as websites development, internet advertising, search engine optimization and social media management, into these relatively untapped markets.

“Adding Statewide Directories to our portfolio maximizes the efficiencies of our processes and expertise of our core staff,” said David Schornack, director of business development and sales. “We’re excited to welcome the team to Arvig and to embrace many of their successful strategies as we continue to grow our digital media business.”

The directories are published in Walla Walla, Wash, La Grande Ore., the Tri Cities of Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland, Wash., Bozeman, Mont., Helena, Mont., and Great Falls, Mont.

About Arvig
Arvig is a Minnesota employee-owned and operated wired telecommunications company that provides high-speed cutting-edge telecommunications products and services, as well as directories and digital media services via the Arvig Media team. Arvig is located in Perham, Minnesota; it is committed to connecting its customers to the world with cutting-edge information technology.  Founded in 1950 as a small family-owned telephone company, it has grown to the 39th largest independently owned and operated telecommunications provider.  According to Minneapolis Star Tribune, Arvig is ranked as one best place to work in Minnesota. Visit and for additional information.