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By October 18, 2018February 28th, 2020News
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Arvig Launches New TV Service

Arvig has launched an enhanced television service making its traditional cable TV products a thing of the past.  The new service, called Arvig WiFi TV, uses streaming technology to offer local channels and other favorites; and it eliminates the need for additional set-top box equipment and wires.

Other enhancements include the ability to watch on almost any mobile device, making TV portable and convenient; Cloud DVR service; and programming automatically appears in the best resolution available, eliminating the need to pay for HD services.

“As technology evolves, so does Arvig. We are excited to offer our television customers an enhanced experience based on customer feedback and industry trends,” said Joel Smith, Manager of Video Operations at Arvig. “We are hearing that customers love their experience with Arvig WiFi TV and they appreciate the higher-quality picture, the increased freedom that comes with deciding where and how they can watch TV, and the simplified pricing.”

In order to obtain the best viewing and customer experience, Arvig WiFi TV operates exclusively with Arvig internet services. This enables Arvig to better serve customers by ensuring the required broadband service is available to meet the streaming needs of the individual household.

“When we tether our services, we’re able to improve customer experience. Customers no longer need to coordinate with multiple service providers to get the service they want,” Smith said. “It also helps ensure the services are compatible, resulting in a higher-quality experience, at a clear and honest price.”

About Arvig:
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