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By April 25, 2023News
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Samuel Bestge to Receive Minnesota Telecom Alliance Foundation Scholarship

The Minnesota Telecom Alliance announced that they received 123 scholarship applications from across the state and one winning student is from the Perham area. Samuel Bestge will receive the Jon Tollefson Technology Scholarship from the Minnesota Telecom Alliance Foundation, according to David Arvig, Arvig.

Bestge will be graduating from Lake Park Audubon High School and plans to attend the University of Jamestown. He is the son of Molly Bestge.

In awarding the scholarship to Samuel, David Arvig said, “We’re happy to have this chance to make an investment in this students’ college education. Rural communities need educated and talented young people to be our leaders of the future. It makes us all proud at Arvig when one of the statewide winners is from our area.”

The Foundation is part of the Minnesota Telecom Alliance, a trade organization based in St. Paul representing over 44 telephone companies and cooperatives in the state. 

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