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By June 5, 2019February 28th, 2020News
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Unauthorized Third-party Claiming to Be Arvig Television Partner

Arvig has discovered people claiming to be with a company named Clear Home, are contacting Arvig customers in the Watkins, Minnesota area saying they are partnering with Arvig to provide TV service. Clear Home “representatives” told customers they can keep Arvig internet & phone services but their TV services will be delivered via DirectTV, but all services would still be in one bill from AT&T.

Please be advised Clear Home is not an Arvig partner and Arvig does not provide DirectTV or any other third-party TV service. Arvig TV services are coordinated directly with Arvig.

If you have encountered a similar situation, Arvig asks you please call Customer Care at 888.992.7844 to notify them as well as ensure your services and billing is correct. You are also encouraged to pay attention to any billing from Clear Home, DirectTV and AT&T to be sure you are being billed for services you consented to receive.