Partner Services

It's all about who you know

We partner with other companies to provide a diverse range of business services in other industries. Arvig and our affiliates are ready to help.

Arvig Construction Division logo

+ Communications and utility construction.
+ Expert workmanship, state-of-the-art tech.

+ Digital marketing and website design.
+ Advertising and search engine optimization.

Arvig MultiWav Logo

+ Fiber internet for multi-dwelling units.
+ Serving the Twin Cities, St. Cloud and Rochester.

Arvig WiFi TV Logo

+ Cloud DVR and Auto Detect HD.
+ Wholesale services available.

All State Communications logo

+ A/V systems, converged tech and more.
+ State contract cabling vendor.

Precision Locating logo

+ Underground utility line detection.
+ Gas line detection.

Time Communications logo

+ Call answering, order taking, dispatch.
+ Customer and tech support, outbound calling.