Door Access Control

Safer points of entry

Secure your buildings, safeguard your inventory, protect your employees.

Door access systems give you control of who comes and goes.

Open for business doesn’t always mean open to everyone. You have designated spaces in your business for your customers and employees, and door access controls keep these distinct areas separate. Whether it’s offices, meeting rooms, break areas, your server room or employee entrance, intelligent controls and keycard entry systems add a deeper layer of security to your building’s points of entry.

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TruPortal Software

This IP appliance-based access control system, integrated with video, is designed for small-to-medium-size commercial buildings.

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Web-Based Control

Software enables users to remotely monitor system activity and perform administrative tasks, such as adding or deleting users.

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Mobile Support

Mobile app users have access to video, reports and door commands directly from their phone.

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Intelligent Technology

Systems can be set up with key card access, scanned at each entry point.

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Full Access Control

Implement credential-based entry for specific rooms and keep track of who entered the building and when.

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Trusted Brands

Arvig uses Honeywell and Lenel to deliver top-quality systems and technology.

“The surveillance system has tremendously impacted our ability to narrow down offenses, … track offenders, identify key details that we couldn’t previously, and zoom to get close-ups of distant objects. We are very pleased with the system and how it serves our purpose.”

Blaine Novak, New York Mills (Minn.) Schools


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