Farm Security

Production meets peace of mind

Weather? Crop prices? In agriculture, there’s no controlling them.

Security for your farm or ranch. That you can control.

On a farm, ranch or ag business, there’s always something that needs your attention. From the field to the feedlot, crops and livestock have constant demands. A security system from Arvig gives your operation an extra set of eyes where you need it: whether it’s your shop, farm entrances or the sites where your store valuable equipment, crops, seed and fertilizer. Wherever your day takes you, check in remotely from any device and view live recordings at your convenience.

Surveillance camera on farm icon farm security

HD Cameras

Identify a license plate during the daylight from 500 feet with our 360-degree digital auto-tracking camera. Use our hemispheric camera to view an entire room at one time.

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Watch From Anywhere

View your entire system from one place: computer, phone or smart TV.

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Customized Systems

No two ag operations are the same. We design and build security systems specialized to your farm, ranch or ag business.

Farmer using a tablet in a field

Where we install

All across ag country, Arvig has provided security systems for farms, ranches and ag businesses. Whether you have equipment and storage sites to monitor, property entrances to keep an eye on or livestock to watch during calving season, Arvig can design a security system that works best for your operation.

Arvig has installed farm security in a three-state area.

  • Minnesota
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota


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