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Two offers for business internet service, but only one good fit February 1, 2018

Two offers for business internet service, but only one good fit

Multiple Financial Services chooses Arvig for competitive price, transparency

Written by Arvig in Business Technology for Your Business

Multiple Financial Services Inc. specializes in finding the right fit.

The Rochester, Minn., real estate and property management company knows that every client has a different idea about what makes a good fit. What suits one client—whether they need a home, apartment or office space—might not be right for another.

The same can be said about business internet service. Sometimes, certain offers—in this case, proposals from big-name service providers—just don’t work.

Late in 2015, Multiple Financial Services Inc. (MFSI) began working with CenturyLink to provide phone and internet service to a building it manages—a facility that includes the MFSI office, business tenants and apartment residents.

An internet upgrade was in order building-wide. A tenant in another office suite, an engineering firm, had merged with a Twin Cities company. The digital traffic between its Rochester and Twin Cities offices increased dramatically, requiring much faster bandwidth to synchronize the engineering firm’s use of Autocad and Revit drawing files between servers in the two offices.

MFSI, meanwhile had T-1 internet service provided by TDS.

The engineering firm’s Twin Cities location used CenturyLink, and the company decided to stick with that provider for dedicated fiber internet service between the two locations.

A better offer
But when the offer for fiber was extended to the rest of the building—the MFSI office and apartment residents, they turned it down, going with Arvig instead.

Arvig installed a 100 Mbps symmetrical fiber connection, service with the bandwidth to support the MFSI office and the building’s other users.

Not only was it a more competitive offer, but Jeffrey Allman, President and Broker at MFSI, says the Arvig staff provided better personal service.

“The credibility and reliability of the Arvig team, including the freelance vendor, gave me confidence that this mission-critical dimension of internet to business and residential users in this building would be best served by Arvig,” Allman says. “All at a competitive price with a potentially scalable technology as our needs and new products emerge.”

Going the extra mile—even underground
Installation with Arvig went smoothly. Even when it came to a bump in the road, or in this case, a railroad.

“Arvig staff was technically more credible and far more transparent,” Allman says. “For example, they had to drill a conduit under a railroad track. We collaborated on who to talk to at the railroad. Arvig allowed me to gently expedite the four-month review process by the railroad of the one-page easement permit to pass, and the installation went without a hitch.”

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