A Custom Web App Can Improve Your Business - Arvig Vlog
Custom Web App February 8, 2018

VLOG: 3 Ways a Custom Web App Can Improve Your Business

Written by Arvig in Business Technology for Your Business

As your business grows and your task list expands, you’ll need to find ways to streamline operations to stay productive and efficient.

You probably rely on a handful of software to help you with day-to-day tasks. But if you feel restricted by limited features, don’t have the budget for a software upgrade or can’t find a program that fits your workflow, a custom web application might be the solution you need.

A custom web app is software built specifically for your business. It can be programmed to perform certain functions the way your business does them. These apps take time to develop and implement, and require an up-front investment, but they can end up saving time and money in the long run. Here are three ways a custom web app can improve your business:

You save time: A custom web app simplifies repetitive and time consuming daily processes. Take a task such as entering customer information. It’s likely a multi-step process. With targeted design and coding from a custom web app, that information can be entered once, stored under a single tab, and with one button, automatically be sent everywhere it needs to go.

You’re more efficient: Let’s say a customer places a product order. Your merchandising, finance and customer service departments probably all record and transfer separate operational data, and maybe even use different software. An error somewhere down the line could disrupt the whole process and result in problems. With a custom web application, all departments use one-point software, which greatly decreases the chance of errors. 

You use only what you need: Off-the-shelf software is a package deal. Programs can be expensive, require regular updates and might be loaded down with features you’ll never use. Custom web apps can be designed with only the features you need. What’s more, they can be customized, scaled and improved later as your needs change.