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Advance your network, connect your customers

Harness Arvig’s powerful fiber network to expand your network footprint and get service to more end users.

Your service, our network.

Whether you’re expanding your network or growing your service area, Arvig’s wholesale team can supply high-bandwidth, reliable internet service for your customers.

Network Reach

Arvig’s fiber network spans Minnesota, including the metro areas of Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester and St. Cloud.

Invest In The Best

Dedicated speeds, scalable bandwidth, redundancy and secure connectivity—get it all here.

Cost Effective

Utilizing our fiber infrastructure is less expensive than building your own network.

Carrier-Capable Speeds

Speeds of up to 100Gbps ensure that you can fully support your network and all users.

Service Reliability

Our focus is keeping our network operating, ensuring maximum uptime for your customers.

Local Support

Our staff and technicians are at your service, 24/7.

Featured Fiber Network

Arvig’s Fiber Network

With Arvig’s fiber network, powerful is not only possible at your business, it is within your reach. Whatever your bandwidth needs, Arvig will deliver service to your business in a scalable package that can grow with you, lead to long-term value and perform to expectations. Arvig’s modern and diverse fiber network includes approximately 15,500 route miles across Minnesota and throughout its metro hubs:

  • St.Cloud
  • St.Paul/Minneapolis
  • Rochester
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