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World Backup Day March 30, 2018

World Backup Day—take time to back up and store your important files

Written by Arvig in Business Home

What would you do if you lost everything? Data is exchanged so quickly today that we take it for granted. We have instant access to the information we need thanks to high speed internet and stable network infrastructure. But the reality is, all that information—including data that is important to us—could be lost just as quickly.

March 31 is World Backup Day—a time that reminds us to have all our important files backed up and stored in a secure location. It’s not safe to house all our important files—documents and emails, family photos and, if you’re a business owner, your crucial customer and operational data—on a single computer.

The threats are stacked against you, and the risk is too great not to be covered. Whether it’s a cyberthreat from hacking, human error, system failure or natural disaster, a single incident could render your important information lost permanently. 

Here are three easy ways you can back up and secure your important data.

  1. External hard drives: These are portable, easy to store and connect to your computer with just a USB cable. Once synced up with your computer, you can simply drag and drop your files from your computer’s internal drive to the external equipment. Drives come with many different storage capacities, but you can buy a 500 Gb to 1 TB drive for $50 to $100. 1 TB is enough storage for hundreds of thousands of photos or several thousand documents.
  2. Flash drives: These smaller storage devices—which plug into your computer’s USB port and can be carried on a keychain—don’t offer as much storage space as an external drive, but they are a good option for small batches of files—a handful of photos, several documents and the like. Flash drives, also known as thumb or jump drives range in price of a few dollars to about $100 for higher capacity storage.
  3. Cloud storage services: Companies such as DropBox, Carbonite and iStorage offer cloud storage for a fee—where your data can be transferred and stored on an offsite server and accessed anytime. Think of it as renting storage space, only for your important data.


Backup for business

If you run a business, you understand that data loss could shut down your business if you can’t recover. Arvig’s Managed IT Services reliably backs up business customer’s data, and provides a full complement of disaster recovery features. Backup and data recovery solutions are designed to quickly revive your network following unplanned downtime to ensure your business is up and running as quickly as possible.

Arvig’s Managed IT Services are a fully managed approach that goes beyond just backing up files. Arvig’s IT team proactively monitors and troubleshoots a business network 24/7/365.